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The Deadpod

Feb 3, 2017

We're going to welcome in the  month of February with the band's performance from February 1st, 1978 at the Uptown Theater in Chicago. I believe you'l enjoy this excellent recording of the start of a wonderful swing through the midwest in the winter of 1978. This first set starts with a smokin' 'Jack Straw', then moves through a longish 'Friend of the Devil'. 'Mama Tried' and 'Me & My Uncle' follow then a great 'Ramble on Rose'. Following 'Cassidy' the tape is missing the 'Sunrise' that followed, but we do have the spirited 'Sugaree' which closed the first set. I've decided to follow that with an excellent 'Candyman' which was recorded a few days following up in Milwaukee. Sadly not all of that gig, or of several of these performances during the first week of February '78, are available in soundboard format (although parts of several performances were 'picked' to be included in an excellent, now out-of-print Dick's Picks' 18).



Grateful Dead

Uptown Theatre

Chicago, IL  2/1/78 - Wednesday



Jack Straw [5:57]

Friend Of The Devil [8:08]

Mama Tried [2:40] >

Me And My Uncle [3:23]

Ramble On Rose [7:20]

Cassidy [5:10]

Sunrise [3:54] - MISSING

Sugaree [10:39]


2/4/78 - Milwaukee Auditorium, Milwaukee WI

Candyman [6:39]


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