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The Deadpod

Feb 24, 2017

This week we bring you the second set from the Dead's Mardi Gras performance back in 1993 - 2/23/93 - at the Oakland Coliseum. Of course this is 1993 Dead - nevertheless it is an interesting performance especially given the fact that Ornette Coleman sits in for the post-drums segment of the set. I've included the Mardi Gras parade drums segment and an Iko Iko  that was admittedly on the weak side. Corrina follows - I had been told not so long ago that I'd never included a performance of this on the Deadpod so I'm glad ot include one here. Lazy River Road follows, a rather curious choice in this slot, as it is surely not high energy. Playin' follows, and signals the beginning of the heart of this set. The drums that follows includes Graham Wiggins on well as Coleman's appearance on stage. Now the real wierdness follows, with a wonderfully unique  'Space' going into the 'Other One'. If you're not a fan of the more improvisational jazzy side of the band, you might not enjoy this. Ornette pushes the boundaries here, and its unlike most versions you'd ever hear. A sad 'Stella Blue ' follows..and they end this set with a nice uptempo 'Lovelight' that benefits from the addition of Coleman's sax. A 'Brokedown Palace' encore sends everyone home with a nice touch of nostalgia.


Grateful Dead

Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Arena Oakland, CA

2/23/93 - Tuesday


set 2


Iko Iko (2) ;

Corrina ;

Lazy River Road >

Playing In The Band >

Drums (3) >

Space (3) >

The Other One (4) >

Stella Blue (4) >

Turn On Your Love Light (4)

Encore Brokedown Palace (4)

Comments (1) first time played. (2) Mardi Gras Parade with Sikiru and Delgado Coleman. (3) with Ornette Coleman and Graham Wiggins on didgeridoo. (4) with Ornette Coleman.


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I do hope you enjoy the set.. we'll be back next week.......


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