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The Deadpod

Feb 11, 2022

Hey Now! This week we will explore the first set from a great show that took place during a historic run at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester NY back on February 20, 1971. This was during the famous 'ESP' experiments, and it was also the second show without Mickey Hart who had left the band after the first show of this run. 

This show contains a number of 'new' tunes (at the time) and you'll see that some have yet to be fully developed (Playin' in the Band for example).  However the band is tight, Pigpen is on and it is really a fine set. I especially love the ending of this set with the Cryptical>Drums>Other One>Wharf Rat



Grateful Dead
Capitol Theater
Port Chester, NY 2/20/71 - Saturday    


Casey Jones [4:18] ;
Me And My Uncle [3:10] ;
Hard To Handle [7:38] ;
Bertha [5:30] ;
Playing In The Band [4:40] ;
Bird Song [6:53] ;
Big Boss Man [4:43] ;
Cryptical Envelopment [1:53] >
Drums [3:51] >
The Other One [10:53] >
Wharf Rat [6:58] ;
Sugar Magnolia [5:15] 

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: 

Thanks for listening and love and best wishes to all!