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The Deadpod

Dec 8, 2023

This week we conclude our presentation of the band's performance at the Warfield in San Francisco back on September 26,1980. 

This third set starts with Scarlet>Fire and while it is a worthwhile listen the real fire breaks out on the 'Estimated Prophet' that follows.. some great Garcia/Weir interplay and the entire band is cooking here. The 'Eyes of the World' that follows is a bit fast for my taste, but certainly has some sparkling runs. Drums/Space leads out into a fine 'Not Fade Away' - plenty of Brent adds lots of power here. They lead out quietly into 'Black Peter'... Sugar Mag ends the set and there is a fine 'Brokedown' encore, which Jerry restarts, probably due to his voice being a bit rough by now.. :)

A thoroughly enjoyable set, hope you enjoy it as well..


Grateful Dead
Warfield Theatre
San Francisco, CA 9/26/1980 - Friday


Scarlet Begonias >
Fire On The Mountain
Estimated Prophet >
Eyes Of The World >
Drums >
Space >
Not Fade Away >
Black Peter >
Sugar Magnolia


Brokedown Palace 

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

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