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The Deadpod

Dec 28, 2018

We close out 2018 with the second part of the band's performance back on on April 3rd, 1970 at the Field House at the University of Cincinnati. A great representation of the band's raucous and spirited style this set features some great jamming on some real classics like 'Cryptical Envelpment' into 'The Other One', 'Cosmic Charlie' and a wonderful 'Turn on Your Lovelight'. It's easy to see why Pigpen was considered the real frontman during this period when you listen to that Lovelight. 


I hope you enjoy this small slice of classic Dead as we turn the page on another year. 

May the next one bring you and yours much joy and good health, and all of us peace and brotherhood. 



Grateful Dead

Field House - University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH 4/3/70 - Friday


part 2

Good Lovin' [#0:22] >

Drums [2:16] >

Good Lovin' [4:37];[0:02] %

Cryptical Envelopment [2:01] >

Drums [3:05] >

The Other One [7:44] >

Cryptical Envelopment [5:26] >

Cosmic Charlie [6:29] %

Not Fade Away [5:30] >

Turn On Your Love Light [17:#16]


And We Bid You Good Night



You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:



Thanks for listening my friends.