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The Deadpod

Jan 22, 2021

 It's a new year but I've decided to go *way* back for some primal Dead on this week's Deadpod. 

This comes to us from January 17th, 1968 at the Carousel Ballroom in San Francisco. What a treasure of early/classic tunes we have here! Now I'll admit, the sound is sometimes muddy and the vocals are at times less than clear.. however give the age and provinance of this recording I thought it very worth listening to and hope you enjoy it as well. 

Some of the highlights of course are Pigpen on the Lovelight, and check out the fast pacing throughout. Jerry sounds so different on China Cat! I always love hearing the old 'New Potato Caboose' and 'Born Cross-eyed', but what is probably the highlight is the great almost 16 minute 'Spanish Jam'. 

The sound is psychedelic throughout, and if you can overlook the flaws I think you will enjoy this return to some of the roots of our favorite band! 


Grateful Dead
Carousel Ballroom
San Francisco, CA 1/17/68 - Wednesday    


Turn On Your Love Light [15:22] %
Dark Star [#4:48] >
China Cat Sunflower [4:04] >
The Eleven [10:01] >
New Potato Caboose [8:30] >
Born Cross-Eyed [2:34] >
Spanish Jam [15:47]


Beat It On Down The Line [2:52] ;
Morning Dew [7:43] ;
Cryptical Envelopment >
The Other One >
Cryptical Envelopment [10:05] ;
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [13:49] 


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