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The Deadpod

Dec 17, 2021

This week we go back to some good ol' Grateful Dead from December 1970. The boys are young and full of spunk on this one as they run through some of their early numbers. Pigpen is in fine form here and the 'Hard to Handle' is classic. The 'Deep Elem' has a unique and very pleasant arrangement to my ears. 'Cumberland Blues' showcases Phil's talents as always and a great China>Rider could be the highlight of the set.

For a tape from 1970 this one sounds really good, I hope you enjoy it! 


Grateful Dead
Legion Stadium
El Monte, CA 12/27/70 - Sunday    

One - 1:15:14

Tuning [0:24]
Truckin' [8:30][0:24]
Mama Tried [2:44][0:59]
Hard To Handle [8:44][0:28]
Deep Elem Blues [7:21][0:24]
Sugar Magnolia [5:21][0:27]
Brokedown Palace [6:04][0:33]
Cumberland Blues [5:10][0:07]%[0:07]
It Hurts Me Too [5:10#][0:06]
Me And My Uncle [3:11][0:51]
China Cat Sunflower [3:20] >
Jam [3:28] >
I Know You Rider [3:28][0:18]%[0:40]
Casey Jones [5:20][0:11] 

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: 

I hope everyone is healthy and doing well as we head into Christmas week! 

thank you so much for your kind support!