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The Deadpod

Dec 13, 2019

Lucky us! We get to listen to this wonderful second set from December 1, 1979 at the Stanley Theater in Pittsburgh PA on this week's Deadpod. 

This is a fine recording and the music is quite good, even thrilling at times. The China>Rider opener is just right, then pay attention to the fine opening to 'Looks Like Rain'.. quite unique. 'He's Gone' is done quite well alos, and leads into a wonderful jam that is clearly the highlight of this show.. including a 'Gloria' refrain'.. but just let yourself be carried by Garcia's shaping of the musical atmosphere here.. Listen to how worked up Bobby gets in the (first ever) CC Rider..

The rest of the set is more standard, but still a pleasure to hear, including a very fine 'Black Peter'. 



Grateful Dead
Stanley Theatre
Pittsburgh, PA 12/1/79 - Saturday


China Cat Sunflower [5:21] >
I Know You Rider [7:18] ;
Looks Like Rain [7:37] ;
He's Gone (1) [23:33] >
C C Rider [6:58] >
Space [6:#52] >
Drums [10:26] >
Not Fade Away [8:51] >
Black Peter [11:14] >
Sugar Magnolia [8:21]
One More Saturday Night [4:51]
Comments     (1) includes a Gloria Jam 


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


Best of luck to you today! 

Thank you to my kind friends whose support keeps the Deadpod alive.