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The Deadpod

Nov 8, 2019

'I want to tell you how it's gonna be.....'

and let me tell you this second set from November 24, 1972 in Dallas Texas is one rockin' hour + of fine Grateful Dead music. Unlike most of their four other Texas shows during this leg of the fall '72 tour there is no 'Dark Star' or 'Other One' here.. and this second set is notable for being fairly straight-ahead rock and roll. The show really gets moving with a fantastic 'Truckin' .. Jerrry really takes off here, Sugar Magnolia is no slouch either but the uniqueness of this one comes in the fine 'Not Fade Away>Going' Down the Road>Not Fade Away'. Despite Jerry breaking a string, I'm certain you'll enjoy the unique take on this combo here. Not for the faint of heart ;) 




Grateful Dead

Dallas Memorial Auditorium 

Dallas, TX 11/24/72 - Friday


China Cat Sunflower [5:#25] >

I Know You Rider [4:42] ;

Box Of Rain [4:40] ;

Truckin' [12:24]  ;

Ramble On Rose [6:02] ;

Big River [4:13] ;

Casey Jones [6:16] ;

Sugar Magnolia [8:32] ;

Not Fade Away [8:58] >

Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [7:31] >

Not Fade Away [5:13]


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