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The Deadpod

Nov 5, 2021

 I think anytime I come across an excellent sounding tape from 1970 it is a real treat. There are so few great tapes from that year and the band is having so much fun that when I do I want to share. So this week here is one from the Fillmore East on November 16, 1970. 

There are some anomalies - there is some Elton John music playing through the house PA at one point - don't freak out ! :) I had to leave it in just to keep the atmosphere of the venue and the date. 

 I love hearing Pigpen here as well as the energy which just explodes through this music. 

I hope you dig it too..


Grateful Dead
Fillmore East
New York, NY
11/16/70 Partial Show

Bill Graham intro>Casey Jones                        [05:01]
Me and My Uncle                                      [04:37]
House P.A. Music: Elton John, //Honky Tonk Women//   [02:49]
//Friend of the Devil                                [02:14]
Cold Rain and Snow                                   [06:04]
King Bee                                             [07:17]
China Cat Sunflower >                                [05:46]
I Know You Rider                                     [04:42]
Stage Talk/Steve Winwood Arrives On Stage            [02:07]
Hard To Handle *                                     [08:07]
//Big Railroad Blues * +                             [05:13]
Not Fade Away > *                                    [09:18]
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad > *                  [05:44]
Not Fade Away *                                      [02:52]
Stage Talk                                           [02:00]
Frozen Logger                                        [01:26]
Mama Tried                                           [03:37]
Truckin' > +                                         [05:47]
The Other One +                                      [11:24]
Uncle John's Band +                                  [07:04]

* Steve Winwood on Pigpen's Hammond Organ. Steve Winwood also provides vocal accompaniment on NFA>GDTRFB>NFA and 1st vocal verse of NFA.
+ Will Scarlet on harmonica. 


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: 


Be well my friends, and thank you for your support.