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The Deadpod

Nov 3, 2017

This week we bring you the historic second set from the Dead's performance on Holloween night, 1991 in Oakland California. This one is powerful, dark at times, rocking at times. Very introspective I think. A great 'Scarlet->Fire' leads it off, followed by Bobby on Truckin' and Spoonful. The Dark Star is the heart of the matter of course, wonderful flights of imagination and highlighted by Ken Kesey's eulogy for Bill Graham. Words that resonate today. The Last Time is a great choice coming out and then a personal favorite 'Standing on the Moon'. The rest of the set includes a 'Throwin' Stones' (was this misplaced?) and then the great 'Not Fade Away'.Jerry celebrates the day with a Werewolves encore! 



Grateful Dead

Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Arena

Oakland, CA

10/31/91 - Thursday




Scarlet Begonias >

Fire On The Mountain >

Truckin' [7:10] >

Spoonful [6:20] (1) >

Dark Star [11:16] (1) (2) >

Drums [14:28] >

Space [12:17] (1) >

Dark Star [3:18] (1) >

The Last Time [5:33] (1) ;

Standing On The Moon [8:12] >

Throwing Stones [9:48] >

Not Fade Away [7:20]


Werewolves Of London [5:31] (3)

Comments (1) with Gary Duncan on guitar ; (2) Ken Kesey gives spoken eulogy to Bill Graham ; (3) sung as Werewolves of Oakland


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