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The Deadpod

Nov 30, 2018

This week I thought it only appropriate to go back and feature the fine second set from the band's performance on November 14th, 1971, that we had featured the first set from two weeks ago.

This second set features some outstanding interplay and jamming. While Keith is not yet fully integrated into the band's sound (as he would be later in 1972), the other members more than make up for it with their energy and inventiveness. You won't be wrong to assume looking at the set list, that the highlight here is the mighty 'Other One'>Me and My Uncle>Other One>Wharf Rat.

While this was released as a bonus 'Road Trips' cd, this comes from a Charlie Miller release a few years back. Enjoy.



Grateful Dead

Texas Christian University

Fort Worth, TX 11/14/71 - Sunday


Truckin' [10:30] >

Drums [4:24] >

The Other One [9:14] >

Me And My Uncle [2:58] >

The Other One [12:21] >

Wharf Rat [9:43] >

Sugar Magnolia [6:25]


Johnny B. Goode [3:52]


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