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The Deadpod

Nov 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm hoping you'll enjoy this early acoustic Deadpod as my holiday present to you... This comes to us from November 8th 1970 from the famous Capitol Theater in Port Chester New York. As is my tradition, we'll enjoy the fine acoustic set for Thanksgiving and then next week I'll present the tasty electric set. 'Operator' and 'Wake Up Little Susie' make their final appearance in this setlist, and be sure and catch the Godzilla discussion that (who else) Weir goes into.. there's even a little tasty dessert at the end of the set - don't miss it :)


Grateful Dead

Capitol Theater

Port Chester, NY 11/8/70 - Sunday


One - 43:09


Dire Wolf [4:15];[0:35] ;

I Know You Rider [8:10];[0:17#] ;

Dark Hollow (1) [3:00];[0:38] ;

Rosalie McFall [2:57] ;

El Paso [4:39] ;

Operator [2:13] ;

Ripple [4:13] ;

Friend Of The Devil [3:30] ;

Wake Up Little Susie [2:11] ;

Uncle John's Band [6:10];[0:05]


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


I'm always thankful for the kind friends who listen to the Deadpod and have made it possible all these years. I'm privileged that you find my little podcast of value to you and hope that in sharing this fine music it helps spread a little light and love in the world.

Peace to everyone.