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The Deadpod

Nov 22, 2019

Hey Now! Here's a great second set for your pee-Thanksgiving preparations.. from 11/2/84 at the Berkeley Community Theater, this was probably the highlight of the run, as the band turns in a solid performance highlighted by some great Garcia licks, some amazing Phil sounds and some excellent work from Bobby and Brent.

The 'Help>Slip>Frank' is as always, a great opener, and the band revs it up during the jam in Slipknot! Bobby does a fine 'Sailor>Saint' here, and Brent adds a great deal of depth to Bobby's finale during 'Sailor'. Listen as well to Phil during that Saint for an example of his unmatched abilities. They move into a strong 'Wharf Rat' in the pre-drums slot then break out 'Gimme Some Lovin' for the fist time. They finish the Playin' in the Band they started on 10/28, then finish with strong versions of 'Bertha>Good Lovin'. They return for the last 'Casey Jones' until 1992..


Grateful Dead

Berkeley Community Theater

Berkeley, CA 11/2/84 - Friday


Help On The Way [3:07]>

Slipknot! [7:30}>

Franklin's Tower [11:43] ;

Lost Sailor [7:00]>

Saint Of Circumstance [6:43] ;

Wharf Rat [11:01]>

Space [0:29]>

Gimme Some Lovin' [5:17]>


Space [10:41]>

Playing In the Band Reprise [7:45]>

Bertha [6:37]>

Good Lovin' [7:52]


Casey Jones [5:19]


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