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The Deadpod

Nov 2, 2018

1977 was a year in Grateful Dead history that offered many more highlights than just those famous shows in May.. this week's Deadpod is a case in point. This performance took place 41 years ago at Cobo Hall in Detroit Michigan. The band come smokin' out of the gate with a wonderful version of 'Might As Well'. They follow with very energetic performances of some of their classic numbers. Highlights from this first set include Tennessee Jed, Passenger and an amazing 'Music Never Stopped'.

We will hear the second set next week which is even stronger..



Grateful Dead

Cobo Arena

Detroit, MI 11/1/77 - Tuesda




Might As Well [5:28] ;

Jack Straw [5:33] ;

Tennessee Jed [9:15] ;

El Paso [4:25] ;

Friend Of The Devil [#7:11] ;

Looks Like Rain [8:38] ;

Dire Wolf [3:39] ;

Passenger [3:45] ;

Peggy-O [7:41] ;

The Music Never Stopped [7:21]


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


'this darkness got to give'....


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