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The Deadpod

Jan 11, 2019

Winter Time is Good Ol' Grateful Dead Time!


I hope you're not sick of primal Dead, because in looking about for a show for this week I came across this set from January 17th, 1970 and decided that it tickled me in just the right spot so I'm going to share it this week. The boys are clicking and transitioning to new vistas and I love hearing them work out jams like Phil on this Cumberland Blues or the great 'Dark Star' jam here.

Naturally hearing Pigpen in his prime is just another bonus, (although I've read the reason the organ sounds different is that it came from a nearby church *lol* not sure how true that one is).


It's not all peaches and creme, this 48 year old tape has some flaws, including the beginning of Dire Wolf and a cut in High Time. Most heartbreaking is the missing ending of Lovelight, but I do hope you enjoy what we have here - we are really lucky to be able to relive it!



Grateful Dead

Gill Coliseum - Oregon State University

Corvalis, OR

1/17/70 - Saturday

One - 1:57:08

Dire Wolf [#3:26];[0:37] %

China Cat Sunflower [#2:13] >

Jam [2:55] >

I Know You Rider [4:24];[0:29] ;

Hard To Handle [5:00];[0:25] ;

Cumberland Blues [4:49];[1:04] ;

Me And My Uncle [3:04];[0:18] ;

Black Peter [9:32];[1:10] ;

Good Lovin' [1:40] >

Drums [0:15] >

Good Lovin' [5:44];[1:41] ;

Mason's Children [4:49] >

High Time [6:#31];[1:19] ;

Dark Star [20:51] >

Saint Stephen [6:48] >

The Eleven [11:16] >

Turn On Your Love Light [16:56#]


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


Stay warm .. and thanks for listening and for your kind support!