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The Deadpod

Oct 6, 2017

This week we'll feature a fine show from the Fall of 1977, a period which doesn't get as much attention as the Spring but which nevertheless contains some very fine music. This fine show from October 14th, 1977 at the Hofheinz Pavilion in Houston Texas has some wonderful harmonies - check out the wonderful Mississippi Half-Step and the really beautiful Friend of the Devil. Passenger and The Music Never Stopped show the band can still rock it this night as well.


Grateful Dead

Hofheinz Pavilion - University of Houston

Houston, TX

10/14/77 - Friday


Jack Straw [5:03] ;

Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo [11:22] >

El Paso [4:06] ;

Brown Eyed Women [4:53] ;

New Minglewood Blues [5:05] ;

Loser [7:#09] ;

Passenger [3:24] ;

Friend Of The Devil [8:13] ;

Me And My Uncle [3:08] ;

Tennessee Jed [8:46] ;

The Music Never Stopped


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