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The Deadpod

Oct 29, 2021

Happy Halloween Weekend! 

I think we have a great Deadpod to share this week with the second set from the show on October 28, 1979 at the Cape Cod Coliseum in South Yarmouth MA. 

This one starts with a really great China>Rider, the energy is off the charts and I really love hearing the Phil bombs and the Jerry's fan outs in Rider. This one is bound to bring a smile and make you wish you were shaking your bones! They follow with a most excellent Samson and Delilah (being Sunday:) and only show it down a bit with the Ship of Fools that follows. Neverfear, a massive 'Playin In the Band' follows with plenty of intricate interplay and jamming.  A fairly short drums and space leads into a 'Stella Blue' then they close things out with a 'Sugar Magnolia' followed by a 'US Blues' encore. 

Great stuff.. I hope you enjoy it! 



Grateful Dead
Cape Cod Coliseum
South Yarmouth, MA  10/28/79 - Sunday

China Cat Sunflower [7:20] >
I Know You Rider [7:25] ;
Samson And Delilah [7:35] ;
Ship Of Fools [7:40] ;
Playing In The Band [19:08] >
Drums [7:#23] >
Space [4:12] >
Stella Blue [8:27] >
Sugar Magnolia [8:27]
U.S. Blues [5:26]  

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: 


Have a safe and spectacular Halloween! 

Be well and thank you for your kind support!