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The Deadpod

Oct 27, 2017

This week I've decided to bring you the first set of what might very well be the band's most historic Halloween show - 10/31/91 in Oakland. The run was historic because it occurred the week of the passing of Bill Graham in a tragic helicopter crash. A great friend of the Dead, Bill's passing was marked in the second set of this show during a eulogy from Ken Kesey, which we'll hear next week. This first set however is definitely worth hearing and should provide a great warm up to your Halloween weekend! It starts off with a great Help->Slip->Frank, with Phil out front and driving the train. The Slipknot is a beautiful ensemble effort, especially Vince and Bruce's contributions to the overall structure. It floats along beautifully, then, just as it reaches its apex, we're plunged into that great bouncy Franklin's Tower. Jerry's leads here are crystalline, soaring.. Jerry's voice contains just enough world weariness to make me feel the wisdom here. While 'Little Red Rooster' wouldn't have been my choice to follow this up with, it is one of their better versions, with some nice slide work. 'Loser' follows, it takes a bit to get warmed up, but Garcia builds it up slowly into a great crescendo. Phil follows with a great version of  'Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues', a song they would only break out 4 or 5 times a year. A long 'Let It Grow' closes the set, an interesting if not completely enrapturing performance of this piece.... 


Grateful Dead


Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Arena

Oakland, CA

10/31/91 - Thursday


Help On The Way >

Slipknot! >

Franklin's Tower ;

Little Red Rooster ;

Loser ;

Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues ;

Let It Grow 


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:



For those of you looking for the 2nd set from October 19, 1971, you can find it here: 


My apologies for repeating the first set last week..


Have a safe and happy Halloween!!


As always, my sincere thanks for your support, my friends.