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The Deadpod

Oct 20, 2017

This week's Deadpod features a rather historic show in the band's history - this was the very first show with Keith Godchaux, on October 19th, 1971 in Minneapolis Minnesota. Not only was this Keith's first show it features the premier of six songs that would all become staples in the band's repertoire, Tennessee Jed, Jack Straw, Mexicali Blues, Comes a Time, One More Saturday Night and Ramble On Rose. There's plenty of energy in this set, and the new tunes and the addition of Keith mark a turning point in the band's trajectory, as the sound begins its transition to the characteristic sound of 1972.


Its also a nice coincidence that I received an email this week from the author of a new blog, all about 'Comes A Time' .. it has a nice writeup about this show as well as other great versions. You can find it here:, check it out!



Grateful Dead

Northrup Auditorium

Minneapolis, MN 10/19/71 - Tuesday


Bertha [5:46] ;

Me And My Uncle [3:01] ;

Sugaree [6:14] ;

Beat It On Down The Line [3:29] ;

Cumberland Blues [5:01] ;

Tennessee Jed [5:59] ;

Black Peter [8:43] ;

Jack Straw [5:02] ;

Big Railroad Blues [3:14] ;

Brown Eyed Women [4:15] ;

Mexicali Blues [3:22] ;

Comes A Time [7:01] ;

Playing In The Band [5:42] ;

One More Saturday Night [4:22] ;

Casey Jones [5:47]


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