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The Deadpod

Sep 23, 2011

Well Fall has officially arrived, and this season inevitably brings to my mind the fond memories of one of the greatest later-era Grateful Dead runs - Madison Square Garden in the Fall of 1990. When the band arrived in New York the jury was still out on their future following the passing of Brent Mydland. By the time they left after these shows, they had a new member, and any questions were answered as to their desire and capability to keep producing great music.
The show I'm featuring the next two weeks, from September 18th, 1990 is not the most famous of the run, but it is a very fine and enjoyable show. In this first set I have to point out the magnificant 'To Lay Me Down->Promised Land' closer...
Enjoy and may the fall treat you gently, my friends.

Grateful Dead - September 18, 1990
Madison Square Garden - New York, NY
Set 1:
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo
New Minglewood Blues
Picasso Moon
Row Jimmy
Desolation Row
To Lay Me Down ->
The Promised Land

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