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The Deadpod

Aug 31, 2012

This week we have the opportunity to experience the 2nd and 3rd sets from the legendary Field Trip which took place on August 27th, 1972 in Veneta Oregon.
While I inadvertently omitted the opening Playin' In the Band from last week's Deadpod - it starts us off this week as we strap in and prepare for flight!
And what a ride this one is.. this is a show you should simply experience for yourself - music that is not only pleasurable but transformational. Don't overlook songs like 'Jack Straw' - you might be surprised there. The Bird Song has been called the greatest ever as has the Dark Star..
Personally I've always felt that the emotional catharsis that comes with 'Sing Me Back Home' to be moving and inspirational.
My words won't and can't do this performance justice. Savor this and see if you don't also feel it is music for the ages.

Grateful Dead  8-27-1972
Old Renaissance Faire Grounds  Veneta  OR
(Benefit for Springfield Creamery)

--Set 2--
Playing in the Band  18:40
He's Gone          08:49
Jack Straw          04:59
Bird Song          12:19
Greatest Story  05:33
--Set 3-- 
Dark Star ->      31:26
El Paso              04:39
Sing Me Back Home      10:29
Sugar Magnolia      08:33

Casey Jones              06:08
One More Saturday Night  04:41

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