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The Deadpod

Aug 3, 2012

Here we are again - another year rolls by - I'm thankful we have so much of Jerry's music and spirit to move us. I decided to play this one for you this week - I was turned on to this version by a good friend of the Deadpod  - its been called the last great Grateful Dead show. That's hyperbole I'm sure but I played it for the Stella Blue... its not the Stella Blue I listened to this week when I sat in the Grateful Dead movie.. here is Garcia 20 more years down the line.. 20 years of experience, wear and tear certainly, soulfulness to be sure. As always the song speaks to my soul in ways only his playing and singing can do. The rest of this set is pretty darn good too.. I hope you enjoy it and smile.. 

Grateful Dead


Richfield Coliseum


Set 2

Picasso Moon 

New Speedway Boogie  

Victim Or The Crime >

He's Gone >

Jam >

Drums >

Space >

Turn On Your Lovelight >

Stella Blue  >

Turn On Your Lovelight >


05 Liberty (fob source)

Grateful Dead - June 23, 1992

Star Lake Amphitheater - Burgettstown, PA

So Many Roads

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Remember to love each other........