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The Deadpod

Jun 7, 2013

This week I decided to feature a nice counterpoint to last week's show so naturally I turned my attention to an earlier era of Grateful Dead... 1970 has always been a favorite year, the band had grown and matured into a tight cohesive whole and the performances still contained plenty of vigor and raw energy.. That energy is readily apparent in this week's performance. This tape, unfortunately is only part of the performance from this date, but its a very nice sounding fragment and well worth our while It starts with the very end of Sugar Mag, but then goes into one of the years better Dark Star's.. quite exploratory and spacey.. The Saint Stephen that follows is played perfectly.. a wonderful rendition I think.. a raucous Not Fade Away must have gotten everyone up after that, but what follows is the highlight of the show for me, a unique jam that flows into and out of several well known melodies, Darkness, Darkness, and China Cat among others.. the boys then revisit the Not Fade Away before Pigpen puts on one of his unique renditions of 'Lovelight'...

he must have really been enjoying himself on this night and goes out into the audience for some participation!

He does drop the F-bomb on this one and Bobby repeats it in a classic GD moment...

Grateful Dead Fillmore East New York, NY 9/19/70 - Saturday Sugar Magnolia (cuts in ) Dark Star > [00:25:24] Saint Stephen > [00:06:18] Drums > [00:00:36] Not Fade Away > [00:04:46] Darkness Jam > [00:00:53] China Cat Sunflower Jam > [00:00:40] Jam > [00:00:42] Not Fade Away > [00:01:48] Turn On Your Lovelight ; [00:20:22] 

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Have a great week my friends!