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The Deadpod

Apr 4, 2014

This week I'm bringing out a show that was requested quite a while ago.. just goes to show that you should always let me know what you hope to hear and be patient :) This is a fine show from a fine tour - the spring of 1982. This show happened to be the last one on the east coast leg of that tour and took place on April 19th, 1982 in Baltimore MD. The first set we'll hear tonight is emblematic of the band enjoying itself, having fun with each other and really putting out some great songs.

They start out with a wonderful Jack Straw, They Love Each Other follows - listen for Brett's solo here, he really puts out some fine work throughout this set.. Bobby follows with a fun 'On The Road Again'. One of my favorites of this set is the fine 'It Must Have Been The Roses'.. which I will always stop and soak in..

The Cumberland Blues, as always is a great rockin' treat, and the Might As Well which closes the set is played in a most unique way..

Grateful Dead


Baltimore Civic Center

Baltimore, MD

--Set 1--

Jack Straw

They Love Each Other

On The Road Again



It Must Have Been the Roses

Little Red Rooster

Cumberland Blues

Man Smart (Woman Are Smarter)

Might as Well

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Thanks so much for picking us up, and for your support.. I really appreciate it my friends..