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The Deadpod

Apr 20, 2012

This week I reached back to find a show befitting the 4/20 occasion and decided that despite its flaws only April 20th, 1969 would do. This one has been on the request list for some time, but it is a gas. This is of course a great example of 'good ol' Grateful Dead' with Pigpen featured prominently on Good Morning Little Schoolgirl and Lovelight, but it also includes a mind-bending Dark Star, a wonderful St. Stephen and a pair of wonderful encores - Dupree's Diamond Blues and Mountains of the Moon... not to mention the always powerful 'Death Don't Have No Mercy'..

Granted the recording suffers from some hiss in spots and doesn't have quite the headroom I would like, but if you let yerself explore where this wild band of outlaws takes you on this evening 43 years ago I'm sure you'll smile.............

Grateful Dead
Clark University
Worcester. MA

Tuning    02:13
Morning Dew     09:38
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl   10:43
Doin' That Rag     06:25
Dark Star >     21:16
St Stephen >    06:17
The Eleven >    06:44
Death Don't Have Mercy    10:00
Lovelight    22:38
E1:Dupree's Diamond Blues >   03:46
E2:Mountains Of The Moon   05:12

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Sending out light to Levon Helm this week....may his passage be a peaceful one.

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