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The Deadpod

Mar 29, 2013

As we prepare to turn the page on March, I thought it might be nice to pull out a really smoking show from way back in 1969.. this one comes to us from 3/28/69 at the Modest Jr. College Civic Center in Modesto California.. yes a unique venue..but quite a strong outing for the boys.

This one starts out with a strong Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, but follows that up with a deep space Dark Star... Jerry has some wonderful  leads in this one, and it threads its way through chaos and eternity into a rousing Saint Stephen... The Eleven is always a thrill to me and this has some extended build ups.. The Death Don't Have No Mercy is powerful.. as usual.. a classic 23 minute Lovelight follows, with Pigpen leading the charge. The second set consists of one long 'The Other One'.. its a high energy jam that is abruptly stopped when someone turns on the house lights and ends the show!

I hope you enjoy this one my friends..

Grateful Dead

Student Center, Modesto Jr. College, Modesto CA, 3/28/69

Good Mornin' Little Schoolgirl

Dark Star->

St. Stephen->

The Eleven->

Death Don't Have No Mercy->

Turn On Your Lovelight

Cryptical Envelopment->


The Other One->

Cryptical Envelopment

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For my Christian friends Happy Easter...

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