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The Deadpod

Mar 2, 2012

This week's featured show on the Deadpod comes from a request from one of my listeners who has recently been digging on shows from 1970 - a truly great year - I only wish there were more recordings of the band from this year. This week's comes from February 23rd in Austin Texas. While this is obviously not a complete show, it still provides so much high energy Dead that I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
For me beyond the obvious pleasures of the acoustic 'set' is the wonderful Not Fade Away which is topnotch.

Grateful Dead
The Auditorium, Austin TX

Electric SET1
01. [02:52] //I Know You Rider >
02. [07:22] High Time ;
03. [05:30] Dire Wolf false start (PA adjustments) > Dire Wolf;

Acoustic Set
04. [05:49] Yellow Dog Story;
05. [02:04] Monkey And The Engineer;
06. [03:10] Little Sadie;
07. [04:04] Me And My Uncle; some distortion on vocals
08. [09:16] Black Peter;
09. [03:56] Seasons Of My Heart >
10. [06:16] Uncle John's Band;

Electric Set 2
11. [13:24] Not Fade Away > Good Lovin' tease >
12. [03:45] Mason's // Children

I know this week's show is perhaps a little shorter than some - sorry - had some problems with a virus on my home workstation - seems to be cleared now but cost me a lot of time this week..

Hope you enjoy the show, and thanks for your support!!!