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The Deadpod

Nov 11, 2011

This week I'll make good on my promise to play the second set from the Dead's performance at the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago Illinois on March 11th, 1993. If you're not familiar with the spoken word work of Ken Nordine you're in for a treat here as he recites two of his wonderful word poems, "Fliberty Jib" and "The Island".. the music is quite good also.. I won't say much about 'Wave to the Wind' - I always thought it dreadful, but aside from that its a very good second set, especially from The Other One on, through 'Days Between' with a nice Liberty encore.. I think you'll enjoy it..

Grateful Dead 
3/11/93 - Thursday 
Rosemont Horizon Arena - Rosemont, IL

Iko Iko ; 
Wave To The Wind > 
Truckin' > 
Spoonful > 
He's Gone > 
Drums > 
Space > 
Flibberty Jib On The Bippity Bop > 
The Island > 
Space > 
The Other One > 
Days Between > 
Around And Around ; 

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